Brand Philosophy.

Handwork with the presence of echoes of the Middle Ages. Jewelry from the distant past, which fell into the future, as if found in archaeological excavations, but made in modern interpretation. Jewelry with a message of personal exclusivity. Fashionable everyday accessories for everyday life made of precious materials. They are included in the category of gifts for herself, which are worn every day in a restaurant, walks, to meet friends or to work. Decorations for daily special occasions.


The jewelry is inspired by grunge aesthetics. Aesthetics of provocations, lack of trends and rules. Jewelry with a message of their own exclusiveness and rights to it. Such jewelry emphasizes the extravagant image of a slightly dirty and careless caricature combined with the luxurious flickering of natural stones and precious metals. They give a very beautiful elegance to the completion of the image and are a noticeable detail.

Brand history


Hips Nymphs jewelery is a jewelry brand that was founded in 2015 by the designer - jeweler Anna Ingannamorte. From the hobby the passion to create copyright jewelry in a single copy has evolved into a full-fledged work.

Handwork, black silver 925, natural stones, gold 999.